Why a lot of entrepreneurs choose to work at a coworking space?

In past people had to decide whether to work at a corporate office or work just from your home as freelancers. But that is a theory of past. Emerging innovations has enabled people to enjoy the bliss of both. Since the inception of the theory of coworking space it was able to shape the industry of how people work in an innovative manner. Startup founders / freelancers / digital nomads / solo entrepreneurs are considering coworking spaces over conventional office structure. One might be intimidated by working from home or carrying out laptop over a coffee shop, but trust us it has its own downside.

The huge upside of a coworking space is, it saves a lot for startups. For some startups or independent freelancers renting a whole floor can be tough. And here’s where coworking space put their magic by allowing them to enjoy the initial financial freedom. As the overhead cost is distributed among all the tenants, the monthly rent is way lower than renting the whole place. As the cowroking business is thriving around the globe as it is thriving in San Diego, the competition grew as well. Due to the upscale competition among the coworking space brands they are coming up with different innovative ideas and offering unique amenities to attract startups / small business / independent freelancers. Private offices/coworking space or a dedicated desk, a coworking space facilitate it’s users with different type of options to choose from. There are several reasons for entrepreneurs to choose to work at a coworking space. Let’s discuss few below:  

• Efficiency & Productivity: You don’t prefer the tiring environment of a corporate office and you even more hate the unstructured habituation of working from home. What if both of your problems can be solved with one single option? Yes that’s right! Coworking space allow you to work in an office environment but at your own terms. You will still work for yourself while having all the structural office amenities. More over you will be encircled with like minded professional and hardworking people which surely will boost up your motivation.

• Work in a structural manner: Working from home can really be interrupted by all the homely chores. Like you can simply get distracted by tv’s, fridge’s, bed and waste your precious time. Working from coworking space can be a solution while paying a very little and affordable monthly fees.

• Networking Opportunity: Coworking spaces enhances your possibilities to networking with like minded people. It could be one single (and the most prime one!) reason for you to choose coworking space over your home or any other office space. As we all know networking present itself with a huge opportunity to enhance business, create new opportunity, grow possibility to attract new customers. For example, web developer might share office with graphics designer or article writers whose work insight may shape his/her viewpoint and attitude. The process might even present opportunity for you to make new friends.

• Flexibility: Well, flexibility is one of the prime reason entrepreneurs are choosing coworking spaces a lot. Starting a new venture is not only hectic but also time and money consuming. When there’s already a lot to handle for an entrepreneur, searching for an office space and matching one with requirements is a huge time consuming task. Moreover, think like this, you planned to rent an office space and you found one for yourself. Are you really ready to sign up the place with all the fixed term it comes with? For example: utility bills, interior, office space installation? To be honest, it could be a lot for a new entrepreneur with his/her new venture. A coworking space saves an entrepreneur from all of these hassles. It is way more flexible and convenient than traditional office setup.

• Well-Being: Does a traditional office space or business facilitate its employees with amenities to enhance his/her well being? Well, most of them do not have such options. But to stand out the competition many coworking space already introduced well being amenities for their work space. For example many Coworking Spaces in San Diego have yoga/gym/brainstorming session/cycling/free beer facilities that help you to be more relaxed and healthier within the work place.

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