What to look for in a coworking space

Coworking spaces are cool and you know when you walk right into one. A little unconventional but it’s definitely a great place to start for Solo entrepreneurs, growing tech startups or freelancers. Alongside the financial aspect coworking spaces are great for inspiration, work stimulation and connection.

If you are an entrepreneur who just started working with an idea and a tight budget on your back coworking space might the best solution for you to start. As all the costs are shared among the tenants and all the overhead costs are clumped in to monthly rent, coworking spaces are a great way to save early expenditure. But that’s just not all the upside a coworking space offer. A coworking space brings all the amenities with it that could have been lacking if a startup has to rent an office all by themselves.  

As the idea of coworking space spread like a fire the competition among the companies experiencing a rapid rise. It is now more important than before to facilitate these uprising startups/independent freelancers/Solo entrepreneurs with necessary and unique amenities to stand out the competition. Big shot coworking spaces are now researching and brainstorming to find out more unique amenities they can provide. But there are some basics one should always look for when choosing a new coworking space. Let’s see what those are:

Printing & Copying Facilities: One might think the culture of printing and copying files and sharing them with colleagues or employees have been replaced with laptop/smartphones. But trust us, it is not! Professionals still need to print files or copying them. Having in house printing & copying facility could easily save you some time by not letting you step outside for printing or copying any files every time you need it. And do you know one thing? Some of the best & effective collaboration happen at the copier. With the emerging competition within the coworking space business now most of the big shot companies have their own printing & copying facility.  

Secure & High Speed Connectivity or WiFi: It is one of the most important features. If your startup have team members working remotely than it is a must for you. Beside this, in the age of technology and communication it is a must for your coworking space to have proper & secure connection throughout the working arena. Look if your monthly rent includes a secure wifi connection or not.

Reception & Meeting Rooms: An active reception and a meeting room could be resourceful and highly beneficial no matter the size of a startup, or a company. In any point a small company, startup or even individual freelancers might need to host some clients or colleagues. Having a well-equipped meeting or conference room is definitely a plus for any coworking space. Beside the conference or meeting room, an active reception simply can uplift the professional aura of the coworking space. Some coworking spaces in San Diego have meeting rooms with great interior and features that you will simply love.

Light Refreshment & Obviously Coffee: Everyone needs to refuel their engine. As early startup members or independent freelancers work around the clock they need light refreshments every now and then. And coffee is a must for those who need to hustle & bustle to make things work. Look if your coworking space offers in-house light refreshment facility & coffee whenever you need it. Almost every private office in San Diego has their own shared kitchen & lounge areas.

Parking Facility: With emerging amount of competition having free parking option can surely be a plus. Check if your coworking space provide free and convenient parking space, sometimes street parking may be one of the best options.

Mailing System: Having a business address and for your startup instead of a residential address can create a professional outlook for your business. Look if your coworking space has a business mailing system included with your monthly package or not.

Phone Booth: You might be wondering what you can do with phone booth in the era of mobile phone & smartphones. To create a professional aura of your business it could be a plus if your coworking space can facilitate you with a hotline service with or without an additional monthly fee.  

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